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Commercial Drainage Services

Commercial Drainage Services.

If you are looking for a reliable team of commercial drain cleaners with many years experience in commercial cleaning, look no further than Lawtons.

Our team of drain specialists provide commercial drain cleaning services across Birmingham and the West Midlands, providing high quality services to each one of our clients.

We understand just how detrimental blocked drains can be for a business, causing health and safety issues and compromising on how efficiently your team can work.

This is exactly why we make it our priority to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. Using our industry knowledge and the latest technology we assess the issues with your commercial drain and provide the best possible solution in terms of both time and cost.

With a team of reliable, experienced and professional engineers at your disposal, we are focused on providing customers with an efficient solution to their drainage and plumbing requirements. From pre-planned maintenance to responding to emergencies, our customers reap the benefits of our extensive expertise. Our meticulous approach to each task guarantees that troubles are promptly identified and resolved.

Our drainage services:

Installation and repair of internal and above ground waste systems.

Internal drain clearing.

Installation of waste and submersible pumps.

All waste pipe work of any type of material.

Please contact us on 01270 628 3278 or email

Soil stacks and pipe work.

Unblocking of urinals, toilets and sinks etc.

Installation and repair of sanflow type macerator pumps.

External gutting and rainwater pipe work.